Friday, September 16, 2005


Here's something from Shane Deike National Director Ethnic Student Ministries

Yo compadres, a number of years ago we were talking about using small simple web sites to help surface contacts in international settings. Sites that could be built in 5 minutes and contain great evangelistic content. With such a tool we could saturate a campus with a simple poster campaign and trust the Lord to surface spiritually interested people.You can now do this in English with For 150 bucks a stint team could have an excellent tool for surfacing those key contacts in the first few weeks of class. We need to get it up and running in other languages, but this is a pretty good start – and it may even work in English in some locations.For an example check out – and you can read how we used this to launch a Destino movement at UCF by going to – scroll down on the right side and click on The Destino Adventure – Mini-Mi Master Plan – and then read the developments under The Destino Adventure. There is still some work to be done, but Chip thought you might like to know how this tool is working now. If you have any suggestions for international development and how it relates to our global mission – please feel free to let me know. Shane Deike National Director Ethnic Student Ministries (407) 435-9842 www.MovementsEverywhereRant .com

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