Friday, December 16, 2005

The Four M’s

The Four M's are way to help make disciples and to take them from point A to point B in the Big Six. They are Master it, Model it, Monitor it and Multiply it.

Master it
Paul in 1 Cor 3, said he was an expert or master builder. In each of the Big Six areas everybody on STINT needs to become a Master themselves before they can impart these to others. You can't disciple into others what you don't already master yourself. Mastering comes through experience and study. This is the way it is with each of these areas. What if everyone on your STINT team made it a goal to master the Big Six? What if at the end of their STINT year, they would return home a master of all these skills in ministry that they can use for a lifetime?

Model it
Jesus' disciples saw Him minister firsthand to those in great need. In disciplemaking you should be always thinking of who I can be modministrytry too while I am ministering to others. If not a security risk, take a national with you when you go share the gospel with someone else. (Maybe in those situations you could go with your disciple to a campus in another part of your town or go home with them and share with their family. ) They could join you as you go through basic follow-up with someone else or lead a bible study. Model to them how to spend time in the word and prayer, and on and on.

Monitor it
When Jesus was faced with feeding the 5,000, He told them to feed the crowds involving them by having them pass around the fish and bread and seeing a miracle happen before their very eyes. Monitoring is when you begin to hand the reigns over to your disciples all the while continuing to give them feedback. It might be going with your disciple and letting them begin to share part of the gospel. It might be meet together with another young believer and letting your disciple share the ministry of the Holy Spirit. You want to help them take bigger and bigger steps, encouraging them as they do.

Multiply it
The difference in monitoring and multiplying is in multiplying you are no longer present. After mastering, modeling, and monitoring ministry with his disciples, Jesus sent them out. But its more than just them doing it without you, its them beginning the same process with their disciples. They begin to own the Great Commission and begin the same process with others.

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