Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Four Stages of Planting a Movement

Something Ken Miller and I have been working is a way to describe the stages a team is in when planting a movement. Most of the verbage we typically use is based on what kind of WSN team is on the ground (Summer Project, STINT, ICS, nationals or some combo). But that doesn't say what's really happening. We felt we needed something to describe not only where we are in launching a movement on a campus but also when you breakdown a campus into faculties or other Target Areas. You could assess as a team where you are and what steps do you need to take to move to the next stage. (Or what things God has to supernaturally do.)

1. Pioneering Stage: Praying, Probing (decoding and look for persons of peace), Proclaiming Partnering and Power from on High- I guess we would always be doing these things. In "Partnering" it would be finding others who have the same viz whether a local church or another ministry. I put "Power from on High'" because a huge part of pioneering is waiting expectedly for God to move and moving with Him.

2. Persons of Peace You are here when you have found persons of peace for a campus (if going after multiple campuses) or a faculty who in turn can help you reach their oikos. (You've read that article since its Month Four, right?)

3. People of Purpose When you have a critical mass of people who are united with you in Spirit and purpose. They are have the same viz to reach their campus / faculty for Christ.

4. Planted Movement Transformation is happening: lost students are being transformed by the gospel, believers are transformed in a community of grace and truth, and the campus and community are being transformed as these 'people of purpose' are winning, building and sending in the power of Christ.

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