Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Six-Week Movement Launching Strategy

The catalytic team in a large city in East Asia came up with this strategy for launching student-led movements all over the city. The STINT Team in Mexico City has been using a version of this plan this year. Also the a team in Siberia which is made up of Koreans, Americans and nationals. It might not fit one-to-one where you are (Jason in Mexico City said they need to make it a 10-week plan) but might be a way to think through as a team for next semester and how to launch Multiple movements whether you are in a Metro situation or have numerous faculties at your university.

Six Week Plan:
~ Entire Team focuses on one new campus for 6 weeks
~ Six Week Faith Goal: To raise up or discover 5-10 believers, including 3-6 potential student leaders, and select a Catalytic Team member who will coach these students after the initial six weeks.
~ Week 1 -Owning and Learning
Online research, create a prayer guide, daily prayer walks on campus, send campus prayer guide to prayer partners, de-coding the campus
~ Week 2,3 - Learning and Looking
Learn more about the university, begin meeting students, look for believers, Bold proclamation, hold English class (2 times) to meet more students and filteChristiansitians and spiritually interested, begin studying follow-up with new Christian friends (those who receive Christ and existing believers)
~ Week 4 - Looking
Follow up contacts from outreaches, continue follow-up groups, do more evangelism and prayer walks on campus with Christian students, look for a place for student prayer meeting
~ Week 5 - Looking and Launching
Continue follow-ups, Evang. and prayer walks with Christians, introduce Christians to selected coach(es) for that campus, begin a weekly prayer time for all Christians , identify potential leaders.
~ Week 6 - Hand-off
Finish follow-ups, continue weekly Prayer time (have students lead this time, with coaches helping to prep them)
~ And Beyond
Coach(es) continue meeting regularly with student leaders, student leaders should attend monthly Student Leader's Retreat, fellowship and/or Bible study groups can be started later at the coach(es) discernment

~ Student Leader's Retreat (SLR) - A monthly gathering of student leaders from all the Cat campuses to cast vision, train and encourage.

~ Coaching Campus
In East Asia they have established coaches for campuses in the following categories:
~ Six week plan has been implemented
~ Campus where they have contact with at least one Christian, willing and aligned leader

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