Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Robin, the boys and I are here at the Denver Christmas Conference. Been excellent. Very busy for us though. Today is the Day of Faith as 1786 students and staff will go into the city and bless the city through serving and taking the gospel. (Though some did a Ski day and will share on the slops.)

Yesterday we had a recruiting breakfast for students interested in STINT. It was invitation only as we wanted the student leaders from their respective campuses to come and hopefully decide to go and recruit a team to go with them. We are trusting the LORD for 75-100 STINTers for 2006-2007. I stole an idea from a friend/fellow WSN regional leader for a WSN recruiting blog. You can see the places where we are partnered. Tommorrow night we will have breakouts for all of our Int'l Summer Projects.

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