Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Best of January

With the risk of offending people I might leave out, I thought I would post links to the best blog posts I have read this past month. In no particular order...

1. Blue Star chronicles American Strength. My Cousin Beth's poignant and powerful post on the passing of a soldier and others who have sacrificed for our nation. I have read few better.

2. Ruthlace's Love is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe. My aunt Ruth's post on a story of great love and sacrifice. Much like the story of love and sacrifice I saw in the movie The End of the Spear yesterday.

3. Steve Van Diest's The Journey We Find Ourselves In. Steve writes about why he and his family are moving to Mexico City.

4. April Showers' Part of Me. My friend April French's post on how she is torn between going back to Siberia among other things. I like her honesty.

5. The REST of Michael's Story's Doors. Another honest post by a friend who lost her husband less than a year ago. She is now a young widow with four kids facing uncertain doors.

6. Movement Planting University's University of Central Nicaragua. A story from my friend Steve Morgan and how a of Campus Crusade leaders from all over Central America went on a campus and launched a movement in 16 hours!

7. My Life Commentary's Walk Like an Egyptian. Emily, who is a STINT team Leader in Russia, writes about her vacation time in Egypt including an experience hiking Mount Sinai. Just thought it was cool reading the perks of being on STINT.

8. MovementsEverywhereRant's Attack or Attract. Shane Deike's rant about the balance between being bold in ministry vs. being relevant. He writes about this in light of Crusade ministries but its a good question for all believers.

9. Insprivival's The Highest Good. Tyler, one of our young staff in Omaha, writes about the priority of enjoying our love relationship with God over just the benefits of that relationship. He is leading our Silk Road project this summer and I think this team that will be in good hands.

10. Eric Swanson's A Little Quiet Time Gem from Moses. A classic post that I have heard before from Eric but glad it blogged it. Few people I know have a devotional life like Eric. As my regional director when I was a campus director, he would motivate me to spend time with the Lord just by sharing what he learned.

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Joan said...

You included some wonderful links here, Andy. I checked out most of them and bookmarked to blogs to read again. I found Annie's post about Doors especially moving.