Friday, February 03, 2006

Groundhog Day

Yesterday was like Groundhog Day for us. (The movie - you know feels like it will never end - and not necessarily the prognostication of a long winter. At least I hope not.) Around 4 am yesterday morning, Jack threw-up in his crib and then on me as I picked him up. Shortly thereafter, Drew had a little one and a big blow-out the other end. I stayed at home for the day and in the afternoon took Luke to the huge REI in downtown Denver. He had been sick for a few days so though they got it from him only worse. After looking at camping stuff and not finding any boots that I like though I need a new pair, we spent a good part of our time playing in the indoor Kid's area.

Last night as Luke and Robin came home from AWANAs, and Luke threw-up twice. (Again we thought he was fine. I sure hope kids who played at the indoor play area and AWANAs didn't get it too but sure they did. ) We spent the evening cleaning up the carpet after borrowing a neighbor's steam cleaner. Then Robin got sick before going to bed and in the middle of the night Luke did again.

Thankfully today I haven't followed the same pattern of the rest of my family but I do feel a little queasy. Just hoping its psychosomatic and not the real thing. (Also hope I am not passing this psychosomatically on to you.)

Gotta go, everyone was napping but now I hear Jack waking up and having a major blow-out near me.


Anonymous said...

your picture randomly caught my eye. Congrats on your twins. mine are grown and gone. enjoy every day...even the groundhog days. May God bless your family greatly

Jane said...

Oh Andy, I am so sorry you all are sick. It is not the most fun part of parenting - cleaning up throw up and other bodily functions!! These are the times when it would be good to have grandparents near by! Get well soon...we love you all.

Ruth said...

As Jane said...these are the times one wishes for loving grandparents close by.
As i heard said recently, "it is difficult for 2 parents to look after more that one each!"