Thursday, February 09, 2006

Resolving Conflict and Ignoring Nay-sayers

Two of my really good friends, posted two things I thought it was worthy to share.

One is from Steve Morgan in Mexico. He and one of the staff on his national team, David Bedolla, recently traveled to visit one of their teams in Mexico who needed a little help in reconciling some issues. This is good post of a resource to have when helping those on your team resolve conflict.

The other is from my buddy Craig Johring. He shares about what is happening at Peru State. Not the country, but a small school in Nebraska. (If you can't find the exact post of Craig's when you hit the link, it is the Feb. 8th post.) It is like the Book of Acts! He shares how 4 1/2 years ago, people told him not to expect anything there and yet how they built into the DNA of what is happening now. Even though it's Nebraska and probablly not exactly like where you are, it does make me dream of what could have 4 years from now on the campuses you work on as you build that same DNA into the movements you launch!

Craig emailed me and said that the funny thing is that when you talk to students at Peru State, it seems normative to them to see people continually coming to Christ. Also said that in student-led movements, a success criteria that he always see proceeding something like this being launched on a campus is a lot of non-stop prayer taking place.

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