Friday, March 24, 2006

Let's get Daddy a 'Vible'

Robin came downstairs from putting Luke to bed last week and asked me if I needed a new bible. Since I still got a new one about a year ago, (see books I am reading column) I asked her 'why'. She said she had asked Luke the day before what he wanted to get Daddy for his birthday and he said a 'vible'. She had just asked him again and why and Luke said, "Cause Daddy likes the 'vible'."

I certainly don't want to discourage that and so glad he didn't want to get me a new 'TV'. I mentioned this to Ryan and Bert who I office with and Bert had a genius idea. He suggested I get a children's bible and tell him that want one that we can read together. So I just ordered myself a Children's vible for my 42nd birthday on Monday. Just did a search on Amazon and went with the Big Picture Story Bible because it looked like the best option. Hopefully it will replace "Green Eggs and Ham" as one of the books I have to read to Luke on my nights to put him to bed.

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