Monday, March 27, 2006

You Know You are Old When...

You know you are old when
... your lovely wife greets you on the morning of your 42nd birthday with a gift of a Conair Ear and Nose hair trimmer. actually asked for a Ear and Nose hair trimmer.

...your only thoughts are 'I have really needed this for the past two years' and after searching google for an imagine to post is 'maybe I should have asked for the deluxe'.

Why is it that when I turned 40, magically I started getting hair in places I didn't really want them? I even started growing a new tuff of hair on my chest. This would have been great when I was 16 and Magnum PI was the rage but I have no need of them now! I would have rather gotten a Ferrari.


Jane said...

Poor baby! Welcome to the 'old timers' club....Happy Birthday.

Joan said...

Funny, Andy!! Some of the "joys" of aging are proof that God DOES have a sense of humor!

Ruth said...

WHAT AN IMAGINATIVE GIFT. When my GREAT nephew (and grandchildren) start talking about aging...WOW.