Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Daddy is this where you work?

That was Luke's question when he went with me Saturday to the Omni Hotel here in Broomfield. I was doing a devotion in the morning and helping out that day at our Kickoff Weekend for all of our region's US Interns and STINTers for the 2006-2007 school year.

I was not orginally planning on taking Luke but just asked if he wanted to come with me as i was heading out the door and Robin said, 'yes!' I was glad to have him come along with me and give Robin a little respite.

So he went with me and we had a good time having breakfast together in the hotel and he played near a fountain during part of the time. Robin, Jack and Drew joined us all for a lunch in a park too.

He asked if this is where I work as we were going in. You have understand his point of reference. He comes with us to the Denver Christmas Conference - a hotel. He has been with Robin and I to STINT midyears - hotels. And last month I took with me when my boss in Orlando asked me to scout out a hotel in Denver as a possible place to hold our national briefing for 400+ STINTers in August. So he must think I work in hotels. Which I guess I do ---- sometimes.

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