Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One year ago

A year ago today we found out we were having twin boys.

It was a Monday and the Friday before Robin had a doctor's appointment and her doctor was suspicious. Robin had out-grown all the clothes she worn while she was carrying Luke. Because our doctor is a GP, we had to schedule an ultra-sound at the hospital for Monday the 18th.

Before we left for the hospital that morning, Robin said, "I am almost positive I am just carrying one baby." But when we saw the ultra sound, there were two little heads. They kinda were laying like in the picture.

We were in shock even though we knew it was likely. Robin cried especially when she saw that they were both boys. She realized that she would be out-numbered 4 to 1 and would never get to dress up a little girl or help her plan her wedding. I just thought 'we gotta move' because we can't all fit in a two-bedroom townhome. (We still haven't moved yet but we are planning to this summer.) I also realized I was going to have to raise even more support than I already knew I needed to raise.

After a 8 plus months of chaos, a lot of work, and huge adjustments for all (especially Luke), we are so grateful for our little sweet boys: Jack and Drew

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Jane said...

How precious. Tell Robin to take heart. I always wanted a girl too but my daughter in law is now my daughter and I am having a ball. Besides, I think dressing a granddaughter is going to be a lot of fun.....at least I am hoping for a granddaughter one day!