Wednesday, May 17, 2006

House Hunting

Robin and I are getting ready for a big move. (Hopefully, prayerfully.) We are going to list our townhome for sell within a week and start looking in earnest for a new home.

Starting this Sunday for six weeks we are going to housesit for a family that is going to staff the first half of the Myrtle Beach StudentVenture Project. This is enabling us to get our house ready to show and not have to worry about trying to pick up toys, clean-up and rush out with three little boys if someone wants to come look at our home.

Here's our ten big prayer requests:

  1. That our townhome will sell and close by July 4th. (There are about a 1/2 dozen townhomes with our same layout for sell right now. And a bunch of new ones being built with a few miles.)
  2. That we will have wisdom in what offer to accept. (Most of the above are listed around $199,000 but the average price that one has sold for is around $185,000. I know both seem crazy but that's the market here. We are willing to go lower than what everyone else is listing for but don't want to go too low because we need to make enough to put down on one we buy. Then again, we don't want to holdout too long either.) BTW, the picture is not of our current townhome but of another middle unit like ours that's for sell and therefore one of our competition!
  3. That we will find a home that we like in our price range.
  4. That it will be closer to work and church - both in Boulder. (Here's the catch, the prices in Boulder County go up considerably. Sometimes it feels like #3 and #4 are direct polar opposites.)
  5. That our home will have a nice backyard with a fence around it so Robin can let the boys loose to play. (I can't imagine another year of Robin being at home with three-caged animals especially as Jack and Drew start to walk.)
  6. One close to a park and a bus stop so I won't have to drive to work.
  7. That it will have enough rooms and square footage for our family. (Our townhome has two bedrooms but we would like at least three so the boys can share a room and a third can be playroom/study/guest room.)
  8. That it will have a large enough kitchen space and storage space.
  9. That we will really like the house we buy over just settling for something we think we can afford and fits the basic criteria. (We really want this to be a place we stay in for a while. We are not looking for anything extravagant even if we could afford it but also don't want to buy a money pit in a neighborhood we don't like.)
  10. That the Lord will lead us to a neighborhood where we can be a witness for Him.

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