Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Luke and Awana's

While I was gone last week, Luke had a ceremony at Awana's. He finished his Cubbie's class. My first major event I missed for one of my son's because of travel. At least Jack and Drew didn't learn to walk when I was away!

Robin and I were impressed with Awana's because Luke learned a number of verses. Though how he got credit mumbling them I never know. He also asked a lot of questions about the resurrection. He actually enjoyed to 'class'. We missed a few weeks when we were all gone or when he was sick but he made up most of those weeks. This picture with his Grammy is the first and only time he would ever wear the vest. And even more amazingly, he is looking at the camera and sorta smiling.

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Joan said...

Awanas is a good program/ministry. All of our son's children went through the classes. They learned a lot of scripture.