Sunday, June 04, 2006

Erik Steffen Went Home

My friend and fellow co-worker, Erik Steffen, went home to be with Jesus last night. Erik leaves behind a wife, Kelly, and two boys, Alex (2 1/2) and Jensen (11 months).

Erik came to know Christ as his Savior while a student at the University of Georgia through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. He and Robin were involved in Crusade at the same time. Robin remembers him as a dynamic leader who boldly shared his faith.

Erik went on a STINT to Turkey and joined staff and served in the Great Lakes region where he met and married Kelly.

I haven't known Erik that long. I had heard of him and then we communicated a few years back about some STINT issues as he was serving as partnership coordinator for the Great Lakes region. The next year - 2004 - Erik joined the WSN team and took the same role in the Great Lakes that I have in the Great Plains (Associate Regional Director). I only got to spend time with him at a couple of WSN Nat'l meetings but I really enjoyed getting to know him and especially talking abut the Dawgs. I recruited him to be a team with me to help design and plan a training conference for our WSN summer project leaders in January 05. I remember him apologizing to me for being behind on his job because he was having these severe headaches. It turned out it was brain cancer.

I have really been impressed by Erik and Kelly's faith and perspective. God has really used him these past couple of years as he fought cancer. I can see many lives he has touched just by reading their updates.

I am saddened that my friend and brother is gone. I am sad and grieve for his bride and that his little boys will grow up with no memory of him. I rejoice that his suffering is over and that he with his Lord that he loved and served.

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Ruth said...

Dear Andy, You and your co-wokers and especially Kelly and those beautiful little boys are in my thoughts and prayers in your sorrow at this friends death...