Thursday, June 29, 2006

Luke's 4th Birthday

Today is Luke's 4th Birthday. Bless his heart. I greeted him this morning with 'Happy Birthday' and he cried and said he didn't want to be four but he was still three. Since his friend Charlie turned four in April, he has been saying is already four.
What I love about Luke:

~ He likes things little boys like - rocks, dirt, playing in the water, bugs, etc.

~ He loves the outdoors.

~ He likes books.

~ Last night he wanted me to read "The Big Picture Story Bible".

~ He likes things with wheels and balls. (He got both today as we gave him a bike. His Grammy and Grandpapa gave him a bike helmet and some balls. His Aunt Susan gave him tickets for the Georgetown Loop Railroad. And his Grandaddy gave him a battery-operated car. He also got two shirts from his Grandmommy.)

~ He likes me to wrestle him.

~ He lets me hold in my lap.

~ He loves his mommy.

~ He gets excited when I come home.

~ He is my son. That's enough, I love him just because he is.


Ruth said...

Happy Birthday Luke!
You are going to like being 4 years old even more than you liked being three.

It is great to get to see pictures of you on your birthday.
Give you Daddy a big hug for showing us how big you are on your birthday.
Aunt Ruth<><

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Luke. What a big boy you are.

Thanks for sharing these great pictures. What a precious boy.