Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday, Jack and Drew!

Tomorrow (29th), Jack and Drew turn 1.

John Charles McCullough (left in pics - thank you, Vicki Jo) is named after Robin's paternal grandfather, Charlie. Robin's father (Woody) and brother (Allan) also have Charles in their names. We liked the name Jack and decided to opt for the formal John as his real name. John means "God is gracious". Charles means "manly".

About 7 months ago, I posted "Don't Lift the Van with your Brother" which has over 90 other "Jack" references. I must have had a lot of time on my hand that day.

Jack loves to say "hi" or "hey" over and over. He is a climber, a fast crawler, eats every thing in sight, and has a huge grin. We call him Jack-Jack at times. I guess after the little super hero in the Incredibles.

Andrew Bogan McCullough is named after me (or Andrew in the Bible since I am named after him) and one of my ancestors, Bogan Mask. Andrew, like Charles, means 'manly'. We decided to use "Drew" because it makes it less seem like he has my name.

Bogan Mask was a circuit-riding Methodist pastor in Georgia in the 1800's. (His mother was Judith Boggan.) Bogan Mask is mentioned in one of the short stories in Epiphany by Ferrol Sams. The book is not worth buying but the author uses the story of how Bogan Mask bought a slave to set him free in one of his fictional short stories "Relative and Absolute".

Unlike his brother Drew is a picky eater, but loves to climb and crawl too. He is just sweet as can be. He likes to scrunch-up his lips and nose. He says very softly, "Da- ti".

They both are towheaded like their older brother though sometimes when the light hits it right Jack looks a little strawberry blonde.

Tommorrow our little family of five will celebrate with cake, open presents and thank the Lord for our sweet little boys that we love.


Jane said...

What blessings you and Robin have in these precious boys. Have a great day today and enjoy them.
I am so glad you gave Drew the middle name "Bogan". It is good to know that such a good man's name will go on.
God bless.

Jessica Bott said...

Happy Birthday Jack & Drew!