Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A John Rozzelle wannabe

Not sure if you can tell from the pic but Drew wants to be like John Rozzelle. He also prefers the Christmas Caboose. (Says 'Winter Caboose' on the bottom of train but in GPI we still say 'Christmas' hence DCC, not Winter Conference like the more secularized regions.)

John, is it two 'z's or one? Your blog has one 'z' but CCC directory has you with two.

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Matt Mikalatos said...

Heh heh heh. It's two "Z's" in Rozzelle. The problem with John's blog is that *I* started it for him as a fake blog and I spelled his name wrong. I started putting these goofy posts up, I chose the color scheme and so on. Eventually I gave John the password and he took over.