Saturday, July 08, 2006

Last Minute stuff

I just wanted to send you a few last minute reminders....

  1. We are still having the registration from 2-5pm on the 12th @ the Kappa Alpha theta house - 6338 S Sherwood Street. (There is a N Sherwood on the far north part of town so make sure if you maquest it or in the shuttle that you mention the 'S'.) It is at the corner of Sherwood and Laurel. Note too that on Thursday at least they were repaving Larel and the road was closed right in front of the Theta house so you might to detour around it if they are still there.
  2. If you are arriving on a later flight and can't be there by 5, come straight to the 1st Presbterian church - 531 S College (corner of College and Mulberry). You will have to do a late registration. We start @ 6:30 pm.
  3. The first meal provided by the conference is breakfast on the 13th so you will want to bring some cash for meals on the 12th.
  4. It has been raining here last few days so I would check for 10 day forecast for Fort Collins as you pack.
  5. Even if temps are really high, you might want to bring a fleece or something esp. for mornings at the church because they crank the a/c to get it cool for the rest of the day. Also summer nights can be cool in Colorado.
  6. We will provide you w/a towel, sheets and a pillow. So no need to bring anything.
  7. The church doesn't have wireless and I'm not sure about the Theta house. But the Chi O house where the couples and men will stay has ethernet connection in thr rooms. So if you have a cable, bring one. Otherwise there are several internet cafes in town.
  8. Sunday will we go to Lory State park so you will want to bring shoes to hike and/or play volleyball.

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