Thursday, August 31, 2006

Update on UNO

In May I was in New Orleans for a training conference. One thing we did was 'decode' the University of New Orleans. We knew two teams were launching there in the fall. One would focus solely on reaching the university students of NO and another would continue to run Katrina relief efforts.

My friend Craig just returned from NO where he helped these teams launch. Craig posted a few updates on his blog. If you scan down to August 23rd, you can see that these team did some of the very thngs we suggested especially the sign-up table to gut houses.

Craig who is an expert in Catalytic ministries said it was the first time he had ever launched Cru (typical mostly Caucasian Crusade), Destino (Latin-American specific ministry), Impact (African-American) and Epic (Asian-American) ministries all at once. Basically they set up these info tables as Christian students came by they invited them to be a part of a leadership meeting. At the end of the meeting, they had enough leaders sign on to lead all of these specific movements. The team there will coach and train the leaders in win, build and send.

Our vision is that there would be movements everywhere so that every student would know someone who truly follows Him. Cool to hear how we walked on this campus one day in May and to then hear what God is starting to do there.

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Jessica Bott said...

That's really awesome, Andy! So encouraging...