Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Devo on STINT Leaders Blog

I just posted a new devotion on the STINT Leader's blog. I have been trying to post one a week highlighting one pair of leaders. You are welcome to sneak over there on Wednesdays (Usual day I post them) to read the latest.

This week's is on Desperate Dependence. Past weeks have been Bringing Jesus into the Chaos (which was really written by someone else), Storm without Warning, Double Shot and Not by Sword .


Debi Lewis said...

Andy, I loved your devotion on desparate dependence. All three of those Bible verses have been important to me, in the weeks following our son Andrew's stroke this summer. The Isaia 41 verse in particular. When Andrew was so sick, and we didn't know if he would live, he would ask me to sing to him. And two of his favorite songs were musical versions of Isaiah 40 and 43. Sometimes I would just read the passages to him.
Our thoughts and prayers are with your precious boys. your cousin, Debi Lewis

Andy McCullough said...

Debi, I enjoyed reading the homecoming of Andrew. I liked your simple praise that all seven of your family were in church on Sunday.

Continuing to pray for a miracle!