Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jack's first Steps

On Monday afternoon Jack took his first steps. Robin was resting so I had all three boys on our porch. I was walking Jack holding his left hand while he held a rock in his right. I thought, he is so close to walking and I leave for a week in Mexico on Saturday that I sure hope he doesn't learn to walk while I am away.

So I let go of his hand and he took four steps on his own. I caught him as he began to fall and ran he upstairs where he did the same so Robin could see.

Yesterday, he knew what we were up to so every time Robin or I let go of his hand, he squatted down laughing. Posted by Picasa

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Ruth said...

How wonderful! Congratulations Jack. I love seeing babies take their first steps. I have to say, these are three cute little boys!!!