Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Family Updates

On Saturday, Jack walked back and forth between Robin and myself. I think we would say after 3 days he is offically walking. Though most of the time it is only to one parent or another. but since he has walked to other locations and he is walking on his own more and more, we are counting it.

Last night as Jack was walking, Drew wanted in on the action. On Sunday he did too but it was crawling between parents or only walking with one of us holding a finger. But last night he took off and walked a number of times on his own back and forth. He walks more like an out-of-control drunk man but he is definately walking (at least from parent to another).

After the twins went to bed, Luke informed us he wanted a kitty. Knowing that it makes me sick (I am highly allergic), he siad that I could live at another house.

So I have three boys who all are walking now and one who wants me to move out so a kitty can move in.

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Ruth said...

I enjoyed a laugh about Luke's suggestion to solve the problem with the kitty. Welcome to parenthood! I enjoy reading about those precious little boys. I wish Sis had lived long enough to see the twins. She was so proud of Luke.