Friday, October 20, 2006

Jack and Drew and the snow

On Tuesday night it snowed here. Typical Colorado in that it took me a while to scrap my car in the morning and piled on the clothes. But my mid-morning the sun was out and it was almost all gone. I really didn't need a jacket by the afternoon.

Robin took a few pics of the twins playing in snow for the first time. I am sure they don't remember last winter. The first one is of Jack and was the only time she could get one of him because he was so busy. I uploaded more pics of Drew and posted them on McCullough pics if you want to see more.

A picture I wish I had taken was driving to work. It was still cloudy where we live but the clouds had cleared over the mountains. I was facing the Flatirons as I drove down the hill. The sky over them was blue and they were white from the snow and pinkish reflecting the sunrise. It was incredible! What a Creator we have! They looked sort of like this link but it really doesn't do it justice. Posted by Picasa

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