Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Sister Belinda

My eldest sister Belinda came to visit us over the weekend. It was fun to see her since she lives in San Diego now and I don't get to see her often. She had some executive meetings with her company in Denver follwed by a large conference at the Convention Center downtown with speakers like Colin Powell.

Belinda is not only a sister but a good friend. She is a sweet, godly woman. She is a smart businesswomen too as she is the VP of Strategic Planning for Newland Communities.

It took a while for Jack (hand on my knee) and Drew to warm up to her. She was sweet of course but they were really shy. I think they thought she might be a babysitter. But then again its been a while since we have used a babysitter. Maybe its just their age. They did warm up before she left on Sunday afternoon but I still had to pose with them.

Luke warmed up a lot though. He said before she came that he was going to stay upstairs while she was here. But he went with me to the airport to pick her up and went with me to take her to her hotel. He even let her give him a hug goodbye. Posted by Picasa


Ruth said...

As always, it was great to read your BLOG see the pictures of of Belinda! Beautiful girl. It has been ages since i have seen her. I also enjoy seeing the pictures of your wonderful little boys. Thanks Andy,

Jane said...

Great pictures of Belinda. She looks wonderful as do you and the boys. It is such a shame we don't all get to see each other more often.
Love ya, cuz.