Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Praise God for piracy!

In the link to the post below I mention one of the people groups that our team in Russia is working with. I didn't mention the actual group because this gal they have met is so connected and it might make trouble for her that she is interacting with Christians.

I will say though that the Muslim republic she is from is right next to Chechnya. And actually just heard that they just completed the Jesus film in the her language maybe in the last month. While they were working on the project there were no known believers that they could ask to help work on the project with them. And then they were deciding about how to distribute the film among these people and our team in Nalchik gave it out to a bunch of orphans from this republic and in just a few weeks the film had been pirated and was on every illegal market for DVD's on every corner! It's the only film in their language! Praise God for piracy!

Do pray for these Thursday night targets of trying to interact with students from every unreached people group. (To understand what I am talking about, you will have to read that post on at STINT Leaders if you haven't already.)

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