Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Work blogs

I have updated a couple of my 'work' blogs of late.

Every week I highlight a couple of STINT Team Leaders on this blog. I had the opportunity to lead our training time with them last summer. Actually it was more like a community of leaders than a training week and that's what I am trying to continue with the weekly posts. It's fun for me because I love all of these leaders dearly. If your interested you can visit it each Wednesday and get a small feel for what's going on around the world. I just wrote today about a couple leading in Salerno Italy who are seeing some amazing things happen.

Another blog I have that I treat more like a website is Here I am Send Me! It is a recruiting blog for our region highlighting all of our international partnerships. I just updated it recently with info for students looking for opportunities both for the summer and next year. The next few months our big pushes for both.

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