Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Thoughts

Having twins means assembling two radio flyer scoot-abouts.

Note to self: Avoid 'some assembly required' gifts in the future.

Note to self: Wait until Luke is fully asleep before you start because if he sneaks down it will be near impossible to get him back to bed.

No matter what... 17 month olds will want to play with their 4-yr-old brother's toys and their 4-yr-old brother will want to play with theirs.

Getting kids to play in the snow is a lot easier if you can get them to wear gloves or mittens first.

Snow on the ground does make for a cool Christmas.

Being sick on Christmas stinks.

It's a pretty cool Christmas if Luke gets the exact Thomas train he wanted and he gets it from his Great Aunt who didn't even know that was the one he wanted.

If people give your twins clothes for gifts, they will always match.

Magic Doodle is a good gift for little boys especially if picked out by their big brother.

Getting your wife a gift that she will use in the kitchen is not a sin if she specifically asks for it. But get a back-up one too - just in case.

Expect to receive socks and underwear every Christmas for the rest of your life. Let's face I am not gonna buy any new ones for myself anyway given how long I will go with major holes.

Gift cards make me a miser. I still have about 1/2 left on one I got last year. I got two and I am afraid to go spend them because I won't have them once I do. Why doesn't cash in my wallet do the same for me?

The greatest gifts your little boys can give you is asking you to read the Christmas story along with kisses and snuggling in the chair.

There is no greater act of humility than the Creator of the Universe coming to the world as a baby born in a stable. Well maybe that same Creator allowing Himself to die a cruel death on a cross to save the world from its sins.


Jane said...

Oh, I remember the days!! Enjoy them, even though putting stuff together is a pain!
I hope the is snow is not making things too difficult for you all, I have bee thinking about you.

Joan said...

You learned a lot of very useful lessons this Christmas! These days (with little ones) are very hard but unbelievably precious - they will be grown too soon. Give an extra hug to all three boys from a cousin they don't even know/