Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some recent Portrait pics

We had some family portraits done on Monday. We broke down because we realized we have not been able to take a real family pic in a long time. Luke would either run away or give a full back to the camera. (He said he was scared of the flash.) And basically it was hard to get 5 people all smiling at once. We got a package that allowed us to keep the CD of all of them.

There is a link to the side of ones I loaded up from Picasa. (I think I might us this route from now on rather than the mccullough pics blog or club photo.)

You can click it if you really want to see them. They are the better ones. For some reason I followed the stuffed animals and balls used to distract the boys and had some really goofy looks that I didn't upload.


Ruth said...

Thanks Andy. Beautiful family picture. I wish Sis was here to see that wonderful picture and hug those beautiful boys. I am six years older than your Dad. But I remember when he was a little boy. You know his Dad died when he was a baby so they lived with us for a time...Mama adored Lavay as the oldest grandchild, and in the picture of Luke , I could see him as a little boy.

Andy McCullough said...

I think often about Grandma and the 'sugar' she would get from my sons too! She knew Luke but sad to me that they will not know her.

The adoration for Grandma Baird by my dad was certainly mutual. She and all the family had a huge influence on him. Having Uncles like Jack and Tom around filled a gap of not having a father around. Though Grandma Louise always said he was being spoiled in Porterdale and she had to get out of there. :)

Jane said...

Andy, you have a beautiful family. I know you feel blessed. Those boys are absolutely adorable.
I agree with Aunt Ruth, Aunt Sis would love these boys.
I hope you and Robin and the boys have a very blessed Christmas.
Much love to you all.