Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Killer Angels

I am rereading on of my favorite all-time books, The Killer Angels. I was first introduced to this book about 8 years ago when I was part of a leadership class one summer led by Jay Lorenzen.

Though Jay doesn't like being known for this one talk - he gave a great talk that I can't forget called "Care and Courage" where he shows clips from Gettysburg.

That talk and this book introduced me to Joshua Chamberlain who lead both with care and courage. Last night I read my favorite part where he holds the last line at Little Round Top and leads his men who were out of ammunition to fix bayonets and charge down the hill. AWESOME!!!

I think one day I'd like to take my three boys on a manhood excursion to Pennsylvania. We will talk about how being a man involves displaying courage but always caring for others sacrificially.

We would go to Gettysburg where men gave their lives to set men free. Maybe I will read Lincoln's eulogy. We will then go to the field where Flight 93 crashed - where Americans gave their lives for our nation.

And we will go to Pittsburgh where I proposed to their mother.


Jane said...

I think that trip will be a must when your boys are a little older!

Ruth said...

Yes, indeed. I agree with Jane. A wonderful post. I am glad e have fathers like you among our young people.