Saturday, January 06, 2007

More DCC updates

We had an incredible WSN World Tour night on the 4th in the main ballroom with almost 2000 students. We had highlights from around the world where we partner all tied together Google earthing us to each location.

Mexico - Video followed by a live report from Joe Cross our staff who helps lead Mexico Focus.

Chile- A phone call with Maggie Coyan who is leading the STINT team in Santiago alongside her husband.

Spain - Live update from Tyler Williams who led the team there last year and now is at CSU on staff.

Serbia - Short video followed by a student who went on project last two summers and is going back on STINT next year.

Russia - Interview with Misha Goz who is a National staff. And ironically was led to Christ in 1991 on a summer project I helped led. It was the first project to his campus where he later became the director and first Russian to be a Campus Director.

Thailand - Interview with our STOP-OUT team that will leave in a few weeks to help follow up Tsunami relief efforts and reach students in Muslim part of that nation.

CM 2007 and Africa - A report from our of staff who will lead a group to the first-ever worldwide Student leadership conference in Korea followed by our a short project to Uganda.

East Asia - Video of our partnership in Muslim part of this country and Interview with the regional director in a major city where we have another partnership. Followed by a testimony from 'Selena' (not her real name) who is a national staff in that country and who came to faith when some Americans visited her campus. This had to be the highlight of the evening.

Tifah ended the evening by leading us into worship.

The breakouts were students could hear about more opportunities to go where well attended!

Today I lead a seminar on "So You are Thinking about Missions" where I spoke on how to prepare now so you will thrive on the mission field. The room (at 4 pm on the last day of a full week) was packed.

Robin and boys went home today because both Jack and Drew are sick (throwing up and more). Pretty miserable week for her.

Oh yeah and we have this weird hippy cult hanging out in hotel trying to harass our students. I tried to talk with one guy. Very strange!

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Matt Mikalatos said...

Hippies rock.

You could use them as a recruiting tool.

"There are no hippies in East Asia." Ha ha ha!

Okay, no, don't say that. I like hippies. My parents are ex-hippies.