Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Multiplication - K and B

K and B are in East Asia. The pic was in a funny format which I can't upload - sorry. (They are in a city that I first scouted with a couple of other folks over 11 years ago.) B was at STINT Ldrs Trg. K is ICS. They both were in this same city last year but this is B’s first shot at leading. Actually their team merged with another team in their city at the beginning of the year. K says, “Its been really good for all of us -- our scope is a lot bigger, but God is really at work and we're enjoying having so many other people around.”

Last month like most of you I’m sure, they hosted a lot of evangelistic Christmas parties. They were praying for 15 new students to become Christian through these those outreaches. I haven’t heard it went but will edit this once I hear. Like Joel and Claire’s team which we highlighted last week, they are in the midst of focusing on raising up student leaders who will multiply themselves.

More changes are in the works this month for their team as well -- two ICS families will be returning from furloughs. It will be a big adjustment for their team, but they believe that God will help uthem as we blend with new team members. One of the ICS will be the Director instead of B; another change. So we need to hurry up and highlight B! Since B has heard the ‘Leadership Warning’, he knows that it’s not about him so it doesn’t matter that he is going to relinquish the title of 'Team Leader' this month.

It’s not a one-to-one analogy but its sort of like another 'B' who is one of heroes of the faith. Actually his name is Joseph but he was given a nickname by the apostles as Son of Encouragement or Barnabas. This 'B' was also about raising up spiritual multipliers that would rock the world. He had huge influence on two men who wrote most of the NT – Paul and John Mark. Without Barnabas believing in these guys when no one else did, we might not have heard of them. Then we would only have – what like 12 / 13 books in the New Testament.

Here are some highlights of his life and ministry…

Here's the best description of Barnabas that makes him a great leadership example for us: "He was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord." Acts 11:24

He was a good man. An encourager. Gave generously. There is also no indication from the author Luke that he cared that the order of leadership changed from "Barnabas and Saul" to "Paul and Barnabas". It wasn't about him anyway.

He was full of the Holy Spirit. He worshiped the Lord. Fasted and Prayed. Was sensitive to the Spirit's leading and calling. Went when sent by apostles and when sent by Spirit.

He was (full of) faith. Took risks. Took risks in people others thought were not worth taking risks in.

... a great number of people were brought to the Lord. Not only through his ministry but through those in whom he multiplied his life into.

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