Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Week in Spain

I head out to Spain on Saturday to visit our teams at a midyear conference on the Mediterranean coast in little town called Nerja.

I am looking for leaving 30 degree weather for mid 60's. I'm looking forward to seeing our teams, the stint team leaders, and friends in WSN and others serving internationally. I am looking forward to hear what the Lord is doing in Europe, former USSR and Muslim nations. I am looking forward to eating a little paella, too.

I am not looking forward to leaving my wife and three little boys. One of the bitter sweet sacrifices of this job. I will miss kisses from Drew, 'conversing' with Jack and playing 'go fish' nightly with Luke. I will miss my sweet wife and try not to think too much about her having to wrestle those boys down each night to put on pjs and brush their teeth. I will be asleep at that crazy hour of 6-7 pm MST anyway. ....Unless I am jet-laggin!

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Joan said...

Be safe and have a great trip, Andy. You and your family will be in our prayers.