Monday, February 26, 2007

Traveling Mercies

We haven't flown as a family in a year. Our last memory of flying with screaming running nose 7 month olds short of scared us off.

Satruday we ventured out. Robin and I have a conference to attend in SC that's only a couple of hours from where her parents live. So got a ticket for Luke too, sat the twins in our laps - probally the last tiem they will be able to fly free - and used miles to rent a car.

We also were trying to get our townhome reasy to sale. Since we will be gone almost two weeks, have it listed now so people can look at without us (well, Robin) having to pcik up quickly and load up the kids was key. So we pushed ourselves to get it ready. The last night we got very little sleep as Jack was sick.

But we went for it. I was in combat-mode. It was snowing in the plains and near the airport. I drove to the departure level. Got a luggage cart. Loaded it and left it and the boys with Robin. I drove and parked and ran and just got a bus in long-term parking. I got back to ticketing and the lines were wrapped around the airport. But it was my last few days of United Premier status so we got in that line and checked in. We made it through secuirty okay and went down elvalators and got the train and back up another. Jack and Drew screamed on the train.

We got our plane apologizing to everyone near us. "I know what you are thinking, we are your worst nightmare." There are no athesists in foxholes and there are no athetists on planes when a family of five boards. "Oh Lord, please don't let them sit near me!"

Speaking of praying, Luke asked me to pray for me during takeoff. The problem was he asked right as we left pulled out of the gate and we still had to deice ad taxi for awhile. It would have been a sweet hour of prayer so I told him i would pray when the engines revved.

The flight was realtivelly calm. The lady on the aisle next to Luke moved. (Don't blame her at all) So Luke, Jack and I had a row to ourselves. Robin and Drew sat behind us because we can't sit on same row with two lap babies.... not enough air masks. Robin was in last row and her seat didn't recline but she said she wouldn't have been able to anyway.

We arrived but two of the three car seats didn't. they were still in denver. But United loaned us two seats and today (two days) later they drove them to her parents.

Well better go eat. Luke, Jack and Drew will stay with grandparents all week as Robin and I go to the conference tonight. It's a conference but it will feel like a vacation to be w/o kids.


Ruth said...

Andy...don't blame me but i laughed all the way through reading your post about traveling with babies! God bless you. God bless those grandparents. You will make them glad twice...once when you get there and again when you leave! Give Robin a kiss for me. You will live through these blessed days and hopefully both of you into your eighties will look back on these as your "good old days."

Andy McCullough said...

Oh I am so glad you laughed Aunt Ruth. i was trying to be funny. Actaully the boy are with Robin's parents right now and are fine. Been good for Robin to have a break.