Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Where are the Prophets?

I was reading this Christianity Today post "Where Have all the Prophets Gone?" just now.
I wonder too why we tend to run off prophets. They make us uncomfortable for sure.

I was intrigued mostly by the author's #3 reason: Ministries evaluate size not depth. I don't even know how you truly measure depth. I fear often that we not only evaluate size over depth but value size over depth. It's easier to get strokes for size. But its not about us. It's about Him.

On my email tag right now I have a quote: “The things that really count are the things we cannot count.” It's by TJ Bach, who lived from 1881-1963 and was a missionary to Venezuela.

You know its not only size we value over depth. It's also how eloquent we are, how slick, how attractive...

Maybe if we valued (and evaluated if possible) the things God does maybe we would welcome prophets (and evaluate leaders who are like this over the polished flashy ones.) Things like mercy, compassion, humility, brokenness, generosity, kindness, justice, forgiveness, tenderness, service, etc.

Maybe then we won't stone the prophets and chase after those who tickle our ears.


Stan said...

Amen brother! God bless.

Tom Sides said...

Hello dear brother. God bless you for your heart...for that is what God see's! Please pray for me. I'm an American serving the Lord in South Africa. I preach, sing and do Christian Drama plays I've memorized from scripture.
You are right. Had my church back home cared more about the real Word of God and meat of the Word I may have never left, but I know that Jesus said it is rare when one of his servants is welcome in his own home country.
So far things are going well for me here. I've only been here six months now and still learning to relate to the people, but I'm so glad I came.
The Kingdom of God is not about Black or White, or rich or poor, but about Wisdom, Love, Faith, Compassion, and forgivness...

Those are the things I'm teaching over here. My website shall soon be up. I hope you will visit it soon and say hello. Pray for my crowning drama. It is much to remember and it will take the Lord to help me remember it all. I now have 80% of Revelation put to memory and desire to show the church of Jesus Christ that indeed...the time is near...Rev 1:3
My prophetic ministry needs the prayers of all God's people and this is why I write...God bless you all as we ready ourselves for the wedding supper of the lamb! "Smile!" Rev 19:9