Monday, April 30, 2007

Closed this morning

This morning Robin and I closed on our home. So we officially own the home at 1319 Alexandria Street!

It almost didn't happen today. This morning I looked over our HUD report and they had my name as Andrew B. McCullough. I am Andrew S. Ironically Drew is Andrew B.

Turns out the title company got it wrong and no one had caught it. But we were able just to hand correct everything and initial the correction. Robin and I brought Jack and Drew to the closing just in case Drew needed to make his mark.

At the closing we met the selling real estate agent. Because it was a foreclosure it was bank owned. He said that several people will be sad to know our sale went through because they were waiting it make a much higher offer. Sort another confirmation that the Lord really provided for us. We were really blessed all around with a great realtor, a nice selling realtor who let us look before it was even listed, a great mortgage broker, a great insurance salesman who made sure our policy was less than our mortgage broker's estimate, and on and on. We feel really blessed by the Lord. I also wonder if my credit rating was so good because Glen ran Drew's name.

I spent the afternoon running back and forth to Lowe's buying a hot water heater (Ours was 20+ years old and wasn't working.) and other little stuff. We had the house cleaned professionally because just too much with little kids. Tomorrow we are having carpets cleaned and I will do a few more minor 'repairs'. We actually are waiting until Wednesday to official move in.

Oh one thing that was cool is that in the back yard we have a pear tree (I guess it's a pear tree?) and it is in bloom with white little flowers. Maybe I should ask my father-in-law how to prune it to see if we can get pears.


Jane said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am for you all. I know those three precious boys are going to love having a yard to play in and you and Robin will make wonderful memories there.
God bless you all.

Becky said...

I'm so happy for you all... this has been such a long time coming, and I'm just glad that it's all worked out so well!

Carolyn Haynes said...

Andy, We are so very excited for you! have had you in our prayers all weekend, and especially Monday during the closing.