Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy at Virgina Tech

Like most of you, Robin and I were shocked by events at VT and our prayers go out to the families and friends left behind. I can't imagine how they slept last night and the future they face having to bury loved ones.

I learned through the grapevine that two of the students at VTech who were killed attended Campus Crusade. One of them (a girl) was going to be a leader next year. There also is another of their Crusade students was still missing so they are worried about that person.

It's a terrible tragedy. Please pray for our staff there as well as students involved will be able to minister to the students and staff at Virgina Tech.

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Andy McCullough said...

There is a blog set up that gives updates of VT and CCC. http://campuscrusadeforchrist.com/virginiatech/