Friday, May 25, 2007

Life without a Phone

On Thursday the 10th, two weeks ago I thought I lost my cell phone. It was found later in my house - not blaming them but probably one of the wonder twins picked it up and was playing with it. Mine was pretty old and the battery lasted a half a day anyway. I am on a plan through my office so one of our Ops guys, Dave, needed to call Sprint and get me another one.

So the following Monday or Tuesday (14th or 15th), we ordered a new one which after rebates and all it was pretty cheap. But day after day went by without it arriving. in the meantime, Sprint had shut off service to my old phone so even though Robin found it, I couldn't use it.

I was out of the office on Monday keeping the kids, but when I came in and realized still no phone, I had Dave call Sprint to see what was up.

Sprint gave us a tracking number and we saw it was in Orlando waiting for directions to an address that didn't exist. Seems Sprint had the right street address for our office but sent it to Orlando which is CCC's Int'l HQ. UPS sending out postcards to 5485 Conestoga Court, Orlando for directions. I thought about just sticking with my old one and getting Sprint to re-instate that number but Dave talked me out of it since I probably needing a new one anyway.

So Dave updates the address and I wait. Yesterday still no phone. Dave is out of town now for Memorial Day weekend. After seeing on-line that the tracking still has the package in Orlando, I call UPS. Talk to two people. The 2nd lady was helpful and apologetic and puts a tracer on it. It will take 10 days to 2 weeks she says to find out what happened.

I can't wait that long so I call Dave and fortunately he is still at the airport. He gives me our password and says I can call Sprint and say I am him. So I call.

Why in the world do they call it Customer Service? More like Customer Disservice. The first guy doesn't believe me and has to put me on hold to call UPS and finally comes back and says ' you are right. it does have a tracer and it will take up to 2 weeks." I tell him, I don't want to wait and since its Sprint's fault, can they send me a another phone to Colorado this time.

He tells me they can't do that I will have wait. After I tell him, "yes, you can. I already have waited." He tells me I will have to pay for both. After a few "No I won't" and "Yes, you will". I ask to speak with his supervisor.

Never take no for an answer unless you speak with a supervisor.

His supervisor, after hearing the explanation, the first thing he says is, "You haven't too long to wait two more weeks. We will send you a new phone." "Now, I am not going to have to pay for it am I?" "Of course, not I will send a pre-paid return with UPS in case it comes and I personally will track it." He said that Chris the customer-service guy should have suggested this right away. I let him know that the Chris said the exact opposite. Dude needs more training!

Not sure if it will come today. He said he would call me back with the UPS tracking number but remember I was "Dave" so I don't have it its on Dave's vm.


Andy McCullough said...

Okay the phone came but not the one I orgianlly ordered. Oh well.

amyabrink said...

Hey Andy!

I teach preschool at the Lafayette Rec Center while I raise support and guess who is on the wait list for my class for next year? Luke! I just found out today and am so excited! Hopefully others will drop so he can get in.