Thursday, June 21, 2007

Two Upcoming Talks

I have two key upcoming talks that are in my head night and day.

Coffee and Evangelism - Sunday I am leading a class on evangelism during the times of both services. It's a little different than any other training I have done but similar to what to method I have been using for last few years. (Used is relative I guess in that my personal evangelism is not what i wished it would be.)

This Spring, we have challenged folks in our church to do good deeds and then invite that friend to coffee to talk about the good news. We are giving Starbucks cards to anyone who will do them. I volunteered to lead the training. It's nothing complex. Just.. their story, your story and His Story. I will give some tips on listening to them tell their story and being sensitive to the Spirit in how the gospel intersects. Then using your story and reading His story (specifically John 3) relating the good news. I think if we can read, listen, and be sensitive to the Spirit, we can do this.

Pioneering Movements - On the 29th, I fly to Korea for CM 2007. During the free times, I am helping lead the training of our STINT Leaders for this next school year. There are over 40 young leaders who will be leading teams all over the world. I am helping specifically with the objective of "Planting and Growing Movements" and for my part will focus on the planting side. I have this talk on July 2nd at 2 pm Korean time.

I am trying to figure how to use 50 minutes in the mid-afternoon while they are jet-lagging in a way that will be profound. I am toying with doing my own little "Walk thru the Bible"of Paul's missionary journeys. I thought about acting it out but seems a little cheesy. Maybe I will just have them move around 'Asia Minor' and 'Greece' with me. Maybe I will pack some baklava to pass out.

We will look at how Paul finished the work in less than 10 years. Then they need to agree on principles for movement planting that they can apply in the following year.

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