Friday, June 01, 2007

Weekend Jobs

I made myself a list of job/projects that were needed around our house and grouped them: outside, laundry room / downstairs bathroom, upstairs bathroom, electrical jobs, & organizing. I set a goal to do one group before I leave for a week for a conference in Korea on June 29th. Robin added a new category of deck power-washing and staining to this list.

There are other jobs we will need to do like painting but not as pressing. I felt like these were ones that make our home livable and some are rather urgent.

So two weekends ago, I dove first into Electrical Jobs.

Some of the jobs seemed a little urgent like an exposed outlet in the attic. It took all Saturday if you include running to Home Depot. The pics are only 1/10th of all the jobs I had that day.

Last weekend was Outside. This time I went to Lowe's which I prefer over Home Depot because their customer service is far superior. Outside involved reattaching a loose board near my roof, cleaning gutters, fixing the fence along our backyard, trimming the length of a wooden door that goes to our backyard. (It was dragging on the patio so I had to unscrew 1/2 of the boards and use a power saw to trim off a 1/4 inch or so and then re-screw them.) I also needed to weed-whack my yard and try to keep the wild grass from the open space from venturing into my yard and killing our grass. I actually took Memorial Day to finish all this up as it took another trip to Lowe's.

This weekend was going to be the Power-wash and Stain the Deck. It also involves our neighbors giving us a cool playground set with swings, slide, fort and climbing wall. But I can't seem to find help to move it so I may delay the receiving of the gift. But then again the kids are expecting it. I started last night shoveling these rocks that the previous owner stored alongside the side fence where we are looking to put the playground set. I got about 1/2 of it done last night. Our deck is huge so I don't know if I can get this done in a day but the stain is coming off on our kids so is a little urgent if we want to use the deck.

I also have a new job. Turns out the plumbing is backed up. I called Jack the Installer and looks like he can come out on Tuesday and figure this thing out. Basically the pipe where the laundry drain goes is backed up to the top and food is coming out. Either we didn't check the kids pockets for PB & J sandwiches or we got problems. Maybe all it will take is a good snake job.

All-in-all, I actually have enjoyed working on these each Saturday. I am usually worn out but its a good feeling of accomplishment to scratch them off. Dreading the fixing the tile in the upstairs bathroom. Robin says it can wait as only the kids are bathing in that tub. But I need to do it sometime.

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Global Road said...

you should stop eating over the washing machine and use a kitchen table instead. They catch crumbs as good as a washing machine. Did Jack the Plumber get the job done. Send him out here, I have a leaky kitchen sink.