Friday, June 08, 2007

Winds and the Invisible Jacob

The last couple of nights/days we have had major winds in Colorado. Actually Wednesday night the wind was something else. It was my night to put Luke to bed. We sit in our rocker/glider in our bedroom and I read to him (I have to read the same book every time, we just pick 2-3 stories) and pray with him. The we usually rock for a few minutes but that night I pulled up a chair for him to stand in and we looked out the window into our backyard and watched and listened to the wind. Pretty amazing watching the trees sway to ... had to be 60 mile-per-hour winds or more.

Luke has been talking a lot about Jacob lately. (Not this Jacob but he is invisible.) Luke says he is not imaginary but real.. but he is all in his head. Jacob 'appears' in conversation like this. "But Jacob has (whatever Luke doesn't have but wants)..." "But Jacob does (whatever Luke wants to do but can't)..."

Sometimes its comical. Sometimes a little annoying too I suppose. I keep trying to remind myself that Luke has a vivid imagination and that if he ever wrote all this down he would make a good book. It's amazing the adventures Jacob has been on, trust me!


The Deans said...

At least Luke's friend has a proper name! Connor's friend is simply named "Boy" though boy's dad is named Christian! Apparently having an imaginary friend is more common in first borns and very bright kids - see this BabyCenter article. That explanation makes me feel better!

Andy McCullough said...

Nikki, yeah but was 'Boy' ever a cat-kid? No lie, for a while Jacob turnd into part kid and part cat as he woke up one day looked in the mirrow and saw he had fur and claws. Supposedly he is now longer a cat-kid. I think realized this meant I would be alergic to Jacob.