Saturday, July 28, 2007

Aunt Belinda, T-Ball Game and Aqaurium

My sister Belinda is in town. She came in Thursday night and will stay through Monday morning.

Yesterday Luke has a T-Ball game. it was his one and only game. The game was time-based so each team got two innings with everyone getting a chance to bat each inning. Luke got two hits. the 2nd went all the way out to 2B. Which was an accomplishment since most everyone barely hit to the pitcher's mound. I think i saw one other hit go further than his. His first one went halfway up the 1B line so it was further than most too.

The first inning, he played at the pitcher's mound with another little boy. Which meant he rotated getting every hit. He was very slow and deliberate on his throws to first. In fact, he would get the ball and walk back to the pitcher's mound with it before he threw to first. Which was okay because the First baseman was never looking.

He had fun, got a certificate and pop-sickle and got to watch his friend Danya play int he game that followed his.

Today we all went to the Downtown Denver Aquarium. it was Luke's birthday present from Belinda. The boys all loved it. I think Jack liked the sea turtle the best. Luke liked the sharks. And Jack liked the stuffed Tiger he got for his birthday at the aquarium store.
Tomorrow Jack and Drew turn two. Hopefully I will have more pics of that special day.


Nikki said...

Wow, 2 already? Happy Birthday boys! I hope it was a great day! The aquarium looks like fun :) We haven't been since it was Ocean Journey - we'll have to check it out!

Joan said...

Great picture! I know the boys enjoyed the aquarium - it sounds like a wonderful family day.