Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grocery Shopping

Robin mentioned she need to go grocery shopping sometime soon. I told her that I would go for her. But she let me know that she really didn't like me going for her because I usually come home with something not quite right and my pick of produce leaves much to be desired. (I thought I was pretty good at determine ripeness. I guess not.)

I smiled because I recalled the only time my mother sent my dad grocery shopping. He took my sister Laura and me with him to the local grocery store: Scarborough and Dale. We came home with Jiffy-pop popcorn, Chips-a-Hoy, nutty-buddy ice creams, Coca-colas, and other various sundry of snacks and sweets. We didn't come home with most of the things on mom's list. My mom never sent him again. I couldn't understand it I thought he was a great grocery shopper!

My dad has a reputation in our family as a rather impulsive shopper and this is usually one of our evidences that demand a verdict. I remember laughing a few years ago with my dad and mom as I recalled this incident. My dad proceeded to remind me with a sly grin that my mom never asked him to grocery shop again.

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