Monday, July 23, 2007

Hearing from Dan Allender

This morning the women (including Robin) attended a session lead by the "Women of Faith". The men went to a seminar where we heard from Dan Allender.

Luke's got a cold so we got a babysitter (whose Dad was both Robin and my Campus director at UGA) for him and we dropped Jack and Drew (who are over the stomach flu) at childcare. I then took Robin to Moby gym and drove to the Lincoln Center. I was late so not only did I have to park about a mile away and walk, I ended up in an overflow room watching it on a screen.

I was thinking, 'this is what being late at a megachurch must feel like!' I was expecting a typical men's talk but was pleasantly surprised as Dan spoke on understanding our story and how to engage others in theirs and lead them to God's story. (I wished I had heard this before I led an evangelism training on this very thing early this summer at church!)

One of my favorite books is Encouragement which I always attributed just to Larry Crabb but Dan co-authored it. Who knew? I also have Leading with a Limp which my director gave to me as a gift earlier this Spring. I must confess that i haven't read it yet but will. (It's a confession to Keith who probably will read this blog too. It has no reflection on my appreciation, Keith!) I have heard of his other books like Wounded Heart but haven't read them.

Dan was awesome! His own story of redemption is fresh and told in a humorous way. I will mull over for a while being an orphan, a stranger and a widow. In fact a lot of waht he said I want to really think it over especially about listening to other's stories and connected the gospel to them. I got a feeling that his book To Be Told is about this and will explain it more. I ordered one during the break so I will let you know if it does.

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orangejack said...

I, too, was very impressed by him. And it's going to take a while to ponder all he gave us. I can't wait to get the mp3s and digest it all over again!