Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Friend Paul

Last night we had a church meeting/dinner. I went straight from work rather than drive the other direction home. I figured I could just get there early and help set up.
The first person I saw was Martha Townsend. Martha is a gem. She and her family have been dear friends since we joined Cornerstone. in fact Paul & Martha are two of the main reasons we landed at Cornerstone and I am sure countless people call them dear friends.

I had not had a real chance to talk with Martha since her mom passed away this Spring. So I spoke to her about that and asked how she was doing. She shared with me whirlwind they had been in lately. Paul's cancer had returned.

I think it was about November or December of 2003 that Paul first had cancer. It went into remission and then came back last year. he went through chemo which almost killed him and then last March had surgery to remove the tumor. This tumor was bone cancer and lodged against his skull. I guess because it was so deep they couldn't get it all.

So in the last few weeks, they learned what was left had grown to the size of a tennis ball. (Not in density but spread out that far.) It is inoperable. The doctors said he has 2 years, maybe 3. Needless to say, Paul and Martha were devastated.
Between the chemo last year and the surgery, they had visited a nutritionist in Colorado Springs. So the other day they met with him again. He gave them hope that he could treat it through nutrition so they are going that route.
As Martha said its not that they have a promise but there's hope because nothing is beyond God's ability.

Last night, I cried with Paul. I know that his story is still being written and that it doesn't end even when he gets a new name in glory. Perhaps the climax of his novel of time on earth still has been read. A miraculous healing would make a better climax. I do know that he will have a new body in addition to a new name.
But the journey here that he is facing (and his family is facing) is not one any of us would choose. I want to walk with him in this.

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