Saturday, September 15, 2007

Home Again

I came home last night. I was in CA for a week for some WSN National Meetings. I flew out early and spent a few days with my sister. Yesterday, before I flew back I met a good friend, Tim, for coffee and then lunch. Good times.

Both Jack and Drew were a little slow in welcoming me back into the family: running away from me, not looking me in the eye, no kisses, etc. The kind of welcomes that make it harder to leave each time. At least Robin welcomed me. (And Luke who really was a more affectionate.)

While I was gone they started speaking in bigger 'sentences'. Well like Jack: "Daddy is big. Mommy is big. TaTa (Luke) is big. Dew is tiny. Gack is tiny."

As the day went on they warmed up and we had a fun day. Though I took a long nap to catch-up on sleep. All and all, its good to be home.

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