Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Let brotherly love continue

Yesterday I had to give Drew a time-out. Actually two in the course of an hour. The first was because he choose to draw a picture on the wall instead of the paper. The second was for being unkind to his brother.

I heard Jack and Drew fighting and went into their room. Like little monkeys they had climbed up into Jack's crib and were fighting over a monkey. Sometimes its hard to discern who started what but this was easy. Drew sleeps with a stuffed bear and Jack with a stuffed monkey. They refer to each as 'my baby'.

Drew had Jack's baby and would not give it back; taunting his brother. He got a time-out. Two minutes alone in his own crib with no toys. I gave back Jack his monkey and took him into the living room.

When I came back to release Drew from his prison, I tried to explain why he got a time-out and what it means to be unkind. He had a poopy diaper so we changed that as I hoped his attitude was no longer poopy.

While I was changing him, Jack walks in with his baby in hand. He walks up to Drew and holds out his monkey. "Here Dew". "Tank You" says Drew accepting the gift.

I think my little two year-old modeled forgiveness, mercy and grace far greater than I do.


Jane said...

Out of the mouths of babes. What a blessing to see our children learn God's ways.

Ruth said...

Thanks Andy for a good word that I needed to hear this morning. Praise God for parents like you and Robin. How onderful to know the Lord will not leave Himself without witness.