Monday, October 15, 2007

Animal Senses

My buddy Matt wrote about how birds can see magnetic fields. I was going to post a comment but this to too good just save on a buried among all the comments he gets on his blog...

"Yeah wouldn't it be cool to have a few extra senses that animals have like infrared vision that owls and deer have or electroception like sharks do. Or maybe a new superhero with those like Owlman or Sharkboy? 'How did you see me Owlman and how do make your head spin like that?' 'Foiled again by Sharkboy and his ability to my avoid my tasers! I'll get you yet you rubbery cartilage, Elasmobranchii'"

Then I looked for a google image to go with this and realized there already is a Shark Boy. Foiled again by Mikalatos!

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Matt Mikalatos said...

Ha ha ha!