Monday, October 22, 2007

We Need a Chart

If you have ever had a two-year old, think of what's that was (or is) like and multiply by 2. Or think of what it was like when your two-year old played with another two-year old. That's life for us everyday.

Actually its a fun stage. The biggest challenge is settling disputes. We tend to fight a couple of battles over and over again. One is 'Ta'. 'Ta' is a stuffed dog that once was Luke's. He got it for his 1st birthday and while learning to say dog called it 'Ta' so we did as well. (The pic is not 'Ta' but one I pulled off google imagine search. He sorta looks like 'Ta'.) 'Ta' had long since lost his prominent place in the family over stuffed frogs, rubber snakes and the like. I found him in a storage bin and felt sorry for him. "Oh Ta!". So I made the mistake of giving him to Jack and Drew. Now every night we have to remember who last slept with 'Ta' and give him to the other son.

Then there's car seats. For some reason the car seat in the back of the van is preferred by Jack and Drew over the one on the 2nd row behind the passenger seat. So we have to take turns in who gets the 'tiny' car seat. Now both are the same size but for some reason the one in the back is the 'tiny' one. So one rides in it on the way to somewhere (like yesterday going to church for instance) and the other brother gets it on the way back. Jack tried to trick me yesterday but I remembered.

One day recently Robin heard Drew say while sitting in the 'Tiny' car seat, "Drew, ride back home in tiny car seat." They know even when we don't.

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Briana Almengor said...

This is Briana Almengor, friend of Robin's from her days at IUP. We have twin boys, too...age 3. How I can relate to this post. We also have an 8.5 month old girl who they fight over being able to see from the back seat. One of the back seats has a better view of her than the other. I think it's cute that they both want to see their baby sister, but admit it gets old keeping track of whose turn it is.