Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Distribution Plate

Read this cool story the other day and thought I'd pass it on... (Our church and others have done something similar but in those scenarios a few people got 'Kingdom money'. I like this because everyone did even if it was a small amount.)

A couple of Sundays ago, when the pastor of Community in Christ Lutheran Brethren Church in Arvada - Rev. Gary Witkop - said he was passing around the collection plate for a second time one recent Sunday, the congregation dutifully reached for wallets and purses to give a little more.

Instead, Witkop told every one of the 60 men, women and children in the congregation to take $25 from the plate. And so, on Nov. 11 every congregant received a "reverse offering."
There was one catch. Witkop told his flock to use the cash — $1,500 in all — to show God's love to someone else.

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